Yes... Easy for u... but easy to me too... i mean easy to run from the market, 
cause my size not like your size in market...
Cmon i will wait in 1709 in fibo 38.2 ( from 1089 to 2116)i think its a good 
price to buy there
--- On Mon, 7/6/09, Elaine Sui <> wrote:

From: Elaine Sui <>
Subject: Re: [ob] Elaine... We need more correction not just 200-300 point...
Date: Monday, July 6, 2009, 1:10 AM



      Can, can. Easy fo me lah, hard to you all lolz..

2009/7/6 elvira raven <elviraraven@>


Lanjutkan Elaine.. 











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