Trading in the London market starts about 7.00 a.m. with the 'premarket'
session, where members make markets in the various metals from their

The trading floor of the LME, called the Ring, opens at 11.45 and each
contract trades in turn for a five-minute period. At 12.20, when all
contracts have traded once, there is a ten-minute break before, starting at
12.30, each contract trades for an additional five minutes. It is during
this second morning ring session that the 'settlement' and 'official' prices
are determined. At around 13.15, once the official pricing is complete, a
period of trading known as the 'kerb' begins. This less formal trading
session takes place in the Ring and lasts until 13.30, during which time all
contracts trade simultaneously.

The afternoon ring trading session begins at 15.10 and follows the structure
of the morning session, ending with a kerb trading period of 25 minutes from
16.35 until 17.00. From 17.00, the market reverts to inter-office trading
until at least 18.00.

Corporate risk services for LME clients are provided by our Industrial
Commodities <> desk.

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