You mean, we should buy company farmasi???  J


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Actually I have the 5th issue, which is the H1N1 strain (swine flu) outbreak
that -our analysts estimated- may take millions of death toll worldwide,
mostly in NA and SA continent This pandemic can severely impact the economy
and bring the US down to its knees. 


Hopefully they find the cure quickly. Eating high dose of Vitamin C will
help your body fit, and always take enough rest and maintain the hygiene.
(and accumulate defensive pharma , ask JT for entry points)



In 1918, H1N1 hit almost half of the world population, causing up to 20
millions of deaths.






On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 7:09 PM, Rei <> wrote:

Ah...this way it's MUCH clearer though it may/may not happen later but
thanks anyway for your insight. That's all that matters!


On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 7:04 PM, Elaine Sui <> wrote:


Ayy I need to go to my dentist, but okay, here it is:


Bearish for short term, Q309 (may be extended to Q4). Deflation, North Korea
Crisis, Unfavored Election Result (to the market, obviously), and
unemployment (>10%). 


What to do: Switch to high quality triple AAA bonds, except TIPS. Avoid


Worst case scenario: If all issues above happen at the same time, IDX (along
with global market) can decline down to minus 1000 (in 2008, IDX dropped
-1800pts!!), focus on US earnings, and USD vs Renminbi. 


Bullish, long term 2012, bullish on all sectors because Indonesia will be
one of the Asian Tigers. I'm still bullish for long term, but I won't let
anyone take my profit. Bullish for long term doesn't mean we have to hold
blindly forever. If fundamentals change, then I must change my strategy too.
There are declines, the difference between me and JT is he's a short term


You know, the economic power is shifting, from the western+eurozone to Asia,
and westerns are basically zionist. If they can't win, then everyone must


Anyway, thank you Embah for asking. Hope this is clear enough. Btw, Billy is
17, I'm 9 years older.






2009/7/14 jsx_consultant <>

Ini adalah pendapat pribadi embah tentang analisa2 yg pernah
dibuat Elaine:
- Analisa El umumnya bersifat jangka panjang dan didasarkan
 analisa fundamental
- Analisa El umumnya banyak yang benar dengan berjalannya
- Analisa El sering Contrarian dengan pendapat mayoritas

Jadi menurut Embah, pendapat El tentang koreksi harus mendapat
perhatian, kalo soal benar atau tidak, biarlah waktu yg

Karena prediksinya bersifat jangka panjang, bisa saja pada
suatu saat nampaknya analisa El salah, tapi pada akhirnya
bisa saja analisa El yg benar.

- Berapa lamasih timeframe koreksi yg diberikan Elaine ?.


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