Hi list! I'm a lurker.

I don't use httpobs, but can help find a way to solve this:

> From: Cédric BRINER <cedric.bri...@unige.ch>
> I try to use systemd to launch httpobs.

> I split them into pieces:
>   - celery
>   - scan-worker
>   - api
> I was not able to make it work at all.

Cédric, have you already started and stopped httpobs manually?
Make a simple ugly script (and use sleep seconds if needed) as a reference
and to easily verify that httpobs can be started and stopped, making sure
there are no problems with configs, lock files, etc.

Copy and edit the ugly script until it works with the pieces as you split
it. If you get stuck, quickly verify that the original simple ugly script
is still working, so you know for sure the problem is in your new nicer
script and not with anything else.

After you know how to start & stop these pieces manually, is a good time to
start wrapping it up for systemctl:

§ Do you use the stackexchange forums? It's usually easier to get help by
first writing a question on the biggest relevant forum first. After some
hours (timezones...) maybe you already have some suggestions and have added
more details that people think you must add/explain, that is the perfect
time to post on a maillist. If you pass on only one advice to any computer
user, I'd want it to be this paragraph. §

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