Hello everybody,

There has been a lot of talk over the years (including on this list [1]
and the ClusterLabs mailing lists [2]) of updating the OCF resource
agent standard.

The standard is currently used by at least the Pacemaker and rgmanager
cluster managers, and the Assimilation monitoring system.

OCF as an entity faded out long ago, so there is no formal process to
update the standard. OCF started as a working group of the Free
Standards Group in 2003, but was already inactive by the time the FSG
was absorbed into the Linux Foundation in 2007.

Since this list has had very little traffic in recent years, I would
like to propose these changes:

* OCF could now be considered the name of the collection of standards,
rather than an organization.

* ClusterLabs [3] (the hub of the Pacemaker community) could take over
the role of publishing the OCF standards, with updates taking place
through pull requests against the ClusterLabs GitHub repository [4].

* Anyone still interested in OCF could subscribe to the
us...@clusterlabs.org and/or develop...@clusterlabs.org lists [2], and
this list could be closed to new posts and members.

I'd like to get feedback from anyone here (especially Alan R. and the
Assimilation community, and anyone else who uses OCF outside Pacemaker)
on whether that sounds reasonable, or whether anyone has a better idea.

Much of this has already happened de-facto, but I'd like to make sure
there is a community consensus before proceeding with updating the
standard, and hopefully consolidating the various OCF websites/lists.

[1] http://lists.community.tummy.com/pipermail/ocf/2014-October/001413.html

[2] http://clusterlabs.org/mailman/listinfo/

[3] http://www.clusterlabs.org/

[4] https://github.com/ClusterLabs/OCF-spec
Ken Gaillot <kgail...@redhat.com>
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