On 11/24/2016 04:12 PM, Jan Kara wrote:
> Hello,
> this patch set changes quota code to use s_umount semaphore for serialization
> of quota on/off operations among each other and with other quotactl and
> quota writeback operations. So far we have used dedicated dqonoff_mutex but
> that triggered lockdep warnings during fs freezing and also unnecessarily
> serialized some quotactl operations.
> Al, any objections to patch 1/7 exporting functionality to get superblock with
> s_umount in exclusive mode? Alternatively I could add a wrapper around
> get_super_thawed() in quota code to drop s_umount & get it in exclusive mode
> and recheck that superblock didn't get unmounted / frozen but what I did here
> looked cleaner to me.
> OCFS2 guys, it would be good if you could test ocfs2 quotas with this patch 
> set
> in some multi-node setup (I have tested just with a single node), especially
> whether quota file recovery for other nodes still works as expected. Thanks.

With this patch set, the quota file recovery works well for ocfs2 on multiple 

Tested-by:    Eric Ren <z...@suse.com>

> If nobody objects, I'll push these changes through my tree to Linus.
>                                                               Honza
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