Hi all,

This is the third submission of a series of patches that wire up the
existing ocfs2 reflinking capabilities to the new(ish) VFS
{copy,clone,dedupe}_range interface.  The first few patches clean up
some minor bugs that I found; the last kernel patch contains the new
code.  The last patch is a new; it fixes a quota accounting bug.

A few minor fixes to xfstests are needed to make more of the tests run;
those have been sent separately to the fstests lists.  Some of the
xfstests will fail because ocfs2's design does not allow sharing of
blocks between disjoint sets of files with shared blocks.  That is to
say, if A shares with B and C shares with D, B and C cannot be made to
share blocks.

Andrew, could you please queue these up for testing?  I'd like to get
them into 4.10 if possible.


[1] https://github.com/djwong/linux/tree/ocfs2-vfs-reflink-4

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