OpenBSD www changes summary for 2016-09-21

amd64.html                              anoncvs.html
build                                   faq

== amd64.html ======================================================== 01/05 ==


  > Remove caveat about rare early Intel CPUs without NX.  This is more
  > confusing than helpful nowadays.  ok deraadt@ (naddy@)

== anoncvs.html ====================================================== 02/05 ==


  > sync (tb@)

  > sync (tb@)

== build ============================================================= 03/05 ==


  ~ mirrors/anoncvs.html.head             

  > do some polishing and add a few labels for the reworked stable.html (tb@)

  ~ mirrors/anoncvs.html.head             

  > some more polishing: unify markup in 'get src', 'update src' and
  > 'get ports'. use present tense instead of conditional in one
  > sentence and remove an explanation of the -q flag that was inserted
  > at some random place. (tb@)

  - mirrors/openntpd-ftp.html.head        - mirrors/openntpd-ftp.html.mid2

  > remove unused skeleton files
  > ok sthen (tb@)

== faq =============================================================== 04/05 ==


  ~ faq5.html                             

  > do not attempt to go from one release to another by compiling from source
  > (tb@)

  ~ faq7.html                             

  > minor polishing of the scrollback buffer section (tb@)

  ~ faq7.html                             

  > better wording; refer also to the faq on the rc system (tb@)

  ~ faq7.html                             ~ index.html

  > move the 'blanking the console' section up to the other wscons* stuff (tb@)

  ~ faq7.html                             

  > the rest of the page uses [key], not "key" (tb@)

  ~ faq7.html                             

  > mention wsconsctl.conf(5) (tb@)

  ~ index.html                            ~ faq8.html

  > remove ksh doesn't read my .profile. since 2009 we install a .Xdefaults
  > with XTerm*loginShell: true, so most of this item is quite outdated.
  > pointed out by andras farkas.
  > ok tj (tb@)

  ~ faq7.html                             

  > some markup fixes and reformatting in the first part of the
  > serial console section (tb@)

== stable.html ======================================================= 05/05 ==


  > stable.html goes on a diet.  it was mostly just repeating other pages
  > and explained a lot of things irrelevant for -stable and did generally
  > a pretty good job at hiding the important things in a lot of text.
  > add links to the relevant documentation and remove the duplicated info.
  > ok tj (tb@)

  > some more polishing and compressing (tb@)

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