I want to provide an intra-node communication (i.e. loopback) utility to 
libfabric.  The loopback utility could be part of a stand-alone provider, or 
incorporated into other providers.  For this, I'm looking at selecting a 
single, easily maintained implementation.  These are my choices so far:

1. Control messages transfer over shared memory
   Data transfers use shared memory bounce buffers
2. Control messages transfer over shared memory
   Data transfers occur over CMA
   (small transfers go with control messages)
3. Use XPMEM in some TBD way

Some of these options are only available on Linux.  Does the portability of 
this solution matter?  FreeBSD and Solaris would fall back to using the network 
loopback device.

How much concern needs to be given to security?  Should the loopback utility 
enforce RMA registrations?  Do we require processes to share a certain level of 
access, such as ptrace capability?

I think we need input on this not just from the MPI community, but other users 
as well.

- Sean
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