Cisco has a usnic-provider-specific bug fix to push for the v1.1.x and v1.2.x 

It is an unfortunate structure alignment issue that we need to fix for forward 
compatibility with 1.3 and beyond.  

It's sufficient for us to push these fixes into the v1.1.x and v1.2.x release 
branches, but we don't need to create releases for them. Specifically: it's 
enough for our customers / partners to know that the fix has been pushed 
upstream to the community.

v1.1.x already has a branch (because the community did a v1.1.1 release). Ben 
will create a PR shortly to add the fix to this branch.

The v1.2.x branch does not yet exist; I will create it shortly, and Ben will 
make another PR against this branch.

Jeff Squyres
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