The only mention I see of it is in the URI specified in the FI_ADDR_STR example 
in the fi_getinfo() man page.  Since my goal is to bind different traffic 
classes to different transmit contexts for a scalable endpoint, specifying 
TC/QOS as part of the address doesn't fill my need. I'd want an extra parameter 
to fi_tx_attr.  In my head, this an index that functions as an abstract traffic 
class, but the actual policy, if any, would be provided by the lower-level 
driver or a higher level management tool. So a TC of zero or one, would have no 
particular meaning to the API, it is just a label to be interpreted by 
something else in the stack and it will simply be ignored by providers that 
don't support it.

There is always the vendor-specific route, if need be.

John Byrne

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