A reminder to OFIWG - Please review the existing SNIA white paper, "NVM PM 
Remote Access for High Availability v1.0.  A link to the document is given in 
Doug's email below.
I would like to use part of next Tuesday's OFIWG meeting to collect any 
comments or input.
Please don't wait until next week though...your comments via email will be very 
helpful as soon as possible.


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Subject: [ofiwg] Next steps on NVM PM Remote Access for HA

With the approval of the OFA-SNIA Alliance on Remote PM (attached  ), OFA and 
SNIA have agreed to collaborate on 2 deliverables:
*        The next revision of the "NVM PM Remote Access for HA" white paper
*        A new remote PM use case enumeration

As the editor first version of the NVM PM Remote Access for HA white paper, I 
have volunteered to begin defining the next version.  I think the best way to 
do that would be to review the current public version of the document in ofiwg. 
 I would be happy to briefly introduce that document in an upcoming ofiwg 
meeting, however the review itself should be driven by participants interested 
in the work of the alliance reading and commenting on the document at

Comments that arise from that review can then be merged with a list of 
modifications already suggested by prior reviewers.  The list so far includes 
the following:
Section 3.3 - Add OmniPath, Gen-Z, Open CAPI and CCIX to the description of 
Disaggregated Persistent Memory in the remote access taxonomy
Section 4 - Add sub-sections on integrity checking and pipelined sequences of 
RDMA operations for transactions.
New section - introduce the relationship between visibility and durability.
Section 5 - add asynchronous flush, enhance RDMA stack model, revisit figure
Section 6 - add discussion of flush scope, flush barrier ordering and more 
detail on pipelined sequences of RDMA for transactions
Section 6 - update all figures
Section 8 - describe limited role of network infrastructure in media error 
handling, reference integrity check, address "delivered but not durable" 
Section 9 - Revisit requirements summary

Paul Grun and I will coordinate the scheduling of this review in ofiwg.

Work on the use case enumeration deliverable will proceed in parallel with this 

Thank You,
Doug Voigt,
SNIA NVMP TWG co-chair

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