Denis Kenzior ha scritto:
Hi Niko,
Nice to hear that. Anyway do not missunderstand, our team is adopting
oFono, we are just digging incoming issues with the nogsm part

Sounds interesting.  Let me know if I can be of assistance :)

Well, maybe you missed some of my previous email in this list some time ago :) I'm the project leader of a new distribution, called NEOPhysis, for the Openmoko Freerunner and Niko is the UI team leader. We are about 10 people in our team and started from scratch creating a new distribution which differs from the others, approaching the system concept as an embedded low resources device instead of a micro-desktop system. The main focus was not in a "Linux distribution" but in a "Phone with advanced capabilities", so as I follow this project since its born, I proposed to use oFono as the main telephony stack and FSO for the remaining part. As a proof-of-concept I wrote a "ncurses phone app" which uses oFono to do simple calls and ATM I'm able to call a number dialed with the touch screen (yes it's very geek! :P ) and I'm finishing the parsing part to handle the call status to be able to answer calls. I asked in my previous emails if someone of the oFono team could send me a simple C code because all the test code were written in Python (but for the telephony part our focus is speed and reliability so its mandatory to use a C/C++ framework/middleware) but received no answer, OTOH this let me learn using DBUS and oFono APIs so it was not as bad :) We put up a build host which produces even an oFono package for the OpenEmbedded repository and we are very proud to be the first (AFAIK) to use oFono. If you need/want to test oFono on the Freerunner we can provide you the packages built each time you need to. I have just one question: I noticed the Calypso modem registers on the network quite slowly (about 1,5-2 mins after powering up) is this normal? Can we help you in testing/patching the code to achieve faster times (normal phones usually register in seconds).
Thank you very much for your great work, good bye.

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