Hi Mitsutaka,

> > so this is the interesting part. We don't wanna use the magic *99* magic
> > and actually use the proper GPRS AT command for connecting the context.
> Yes. I know dialup call is different in each carrier. Most data
> connection dial number's are fixed. so I think it needs to add a new
> context parametor 'dial number'.

That is actually not correct.  ATD*99 is a form used for backward 
compatibility.  It is described in Section 10.2 of 3GPP 27.007.  This form is 
frequently used as a shortcut and known by most users.  It is however not the 
'proper' way to establish a GPRS context.  The proper way is actually a bit 
more involved, but offers greater flexibility.  This is what oFono will use.

> > But then we have to talk PPP. That is currently work in progress as an
> > extension to GAtChat.
> Yeah, I thought data connection needs PPP(pppd). My image of
> implementation is as wvdial configuration.

We will not use pppd.  We're working on our own ppp solution for oFono.  This 
is a work in progress and thus ppp devices are not yet supported.

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