Hi all,
thanks to your great work my team and me were able to complete a first prototype of a mini distro running on the Freerunner (the base for our big project Neophysis) with a minimal ncurses phone application to use (and test) oFono. I would like to share our work with you, and if the Calypso developers want to try it they can download the rootfs at the following link: http://uploads.telefoninux.org/leos/armeniacum-20091202-1823.tar.bz2 (kernel is inside boot directory) As the team leader I'm proud to share this first milestone (it's unoptimized yet so don't expect miracles ;) ) with you as, since its announcement, I believed oFono was (and is) a very good project and choose it as the mandatory phone subsystem.
Thank you very much for you work, bye.
P.S. the tar was created using the git version I tested last time, not with the 0.12 release I saw just today. P.P.S for any doubts using the phone application, to not spam the list please feel free to contact me in private.
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