I'm running oFono with the rilmodem driver on an MSM8930AB-based phone (Samsung GS4 Mini GT-I9195). I'm having issues getting it to come online reliably. oFono can always connect to rild and get device identifiers etc., but often when I set the modem property Online to true, it doesn't come all the way up. It will report being Online, and rild sends some things like signal strength updates, but most of the interfaces and properties oFono offers aren't available in this state (e.g., SimManager reports SIM not Present.) When it happens I kill ofonod and try again until it works. It's pretty easy to spot, because a successful connection causes a flurry of SIM I/O calls. I haven't used it extensively yet, but network state, SMS, and calls are working in my tests.

Here are a couple of snippets from logs at different times:

E/RILD    (30928): radioState(0) so did not update simState

E/RILD    ( 3655): SetSimOperator: invalid operator
E/RILD    ( 3655): OnRadioStateChanged: sim operator not ready wait for read

E/RILD    (19068): Blocked preferred net type(1) due to sim state(0)

It's almost as if there is a circular dependency between the SIM and the radio state, that resolves itself if the timing comes out right. I can give more detailed logs if something specific would be helpful.

From comparing some logs and making some guesses, I arrived at a hack of sending RIL_REQUEST_SCREEN_STATE = TRUE as part of the rild connection initialization, and sending TRUE again later in ril_radio_settings_probe(). This makes the startup more likely to succeed, but still not perfect (it changed from taking 10-20 tries to something like five.) I don't know if one of these changes is more effective than the other, but it's good enough for now.

So, has anyone else seen this kind of thing, or have ideas on how to make it more reliable? Also, what is the state of the rilmodem fork at https://github.com/rilmodem/ofono ? I'm using the mainline oFono code right now.

Joey Hewitt
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