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On 02/16/2018 11:24 AM, Bassem BOUBAKER wrote:
Hello community,

I'm having connman version 1.31 along side with ofono running on my board.

When I activate a context on my 4G modem using ofono, connman creates two 
services: one is cellular and the other is ethernet.

*AR Wired ethernet_XX_cable
*AO XXX cellular_XXX_context1

In this case, the ideal state is that connman reports only one cellular 
technology related to the modem.

When digging into the logs, I feels like a new ethernet device is enumerated 
and connman creates the appropriate service for it.

Knowing that my modem net interface is using "cdc_ether" driver, does anyone 
have an idea about what could be the issue here?

From you description I understand that the modem creates an additional ethernet interface? Could you post the corresponding logs (or post a link to the logs)?

I am also not sure what the exact question is. I suspect you want to see only one interface and not two..

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