Hi, I'm using a Quectel EC25 cell modem along with a custom Linux distro 
running ofono to manage the cell connection. Everything is mostly working with 
this configuration but we see occasional lockup of ofonod. It becomes 
unresponsive to any kind of dbus message. Once we have a connection established 
we poll ofono to query the modem's RSSI over QMI interface. The lockup always 
happens after ofono sends the request to the modem to read the RSSI. The only 
way out of this is to restart ofono. We've also found some ways to induce the 
problem, all involve making the modem busy, so it seems the problem is most 
likely related to a delayed response from the modem. Is there any way to add 
some additional time to the expected response time so that extra delays from 
the modem can be better tolerated by ofono? Any other suggestions would be 
Doug Burrell
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