Hi Sean,

Good plan :)
I have been looking at it. [0]

Yep, that looks like a good start.

Should I catch the callback directly in atmodem/devinfo.c instead?

You could try to intercept this in attr_cb itself. But you'd need access to vendor selector somehow. Perhaps a custom data structure instead of cb_data. Alternatively store the prefix in struct dev_data and set cb_data->user to struct dev_data.

Something like:

static void attr_cb()

        if (at_util_parse_attr(...)) {

        if (dev->vendor == QUECTEL &&
                        (!strcmp(dev->prefix, ...) ||
                        !strcmp(dev->prefix, ...))) {
                // Strip Revision:


We could also just look for a "Revision: " in query_revision_cb(), but
it's kinda hacky

That's the other approach. Introduce callback(s) for both revision and manufacturer commands and handle the quirk there. Not sure what else we can do?

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