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This hardcoded range of possible CIDs doesn't quite make to me, can someone 
explain this? I've got a Verizon SIM card and its default profile index is 3, 
this falls outside the range set for possible CIDs and therefore can't activate 
the CID. Just wondering if someone can help me understand this and help figure 
out the best way forward so that Verizon SIMs can be activated.

In general CIDs are somewhat meaningless. At least as far as oFono core is concerned. In 27.007 (AT Commands) it is simply an identifier used to synchronize multiple AT commands (+CGDCONT, etc) to configure context settings like APN, username, password. oFono core is not aware of any 'default' cids, it always sends the entire set of settings on to the driver when the context is activated.

QMI should be similar. If you have LTE and your provider expects multiple contexts to be used (one for IMS/VoLTE/default attach and one for data for example), I'm not sure if the QMI driver even supports that. Patches are always welcome of course.

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