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Hello everyone,

I'm writing a softdriver for a non AT modem and we have a Dual Sim Single Active use case. At the moment there is only one example from the atmodem softdriver where this interface is being offered.

I'm having some difficulty understanding how it works. From the looks of it, /sim_set_slot_callback() /is only setting the /active_card_slot/ information. Shouldn't the sim properties be refreshed after switching? The newly activated sim card properties (imei, imsi, etc) should be updated to the atom, but I just don't see how this happens in the code.

This feature is assumed to work by having the modem perform sim removal and sim insertion. The old SIM in the current active slot is removed and the new SIM in the new active slot is inserted.

The above works similarly to any other SIM removal / SIM insertion procedure: post_sim/post_online atoms are removed, sim atom wipes out all state related to the currently inserted SIM and re-initializes the state once the new SIM is inserted.

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