2016-10-16 07:53:07 -0700 (Sun, 16 Oct 2016)
scons: general crosscompiling support (added target= option); rewrite arch= 

scons will now default to using FB's default target/arch, with the exception of
using x86 instead of x86_64. Hopefully this means that compiling on an ARM
linux works out of the box.
I have only tried cross-compiling from linux to android arm and x86 targets,
which already worked anyway with the old android=1 option. This changeset,
although changing a huge amount of stuff, makes little difference in practice
if you're not cross compiling.

Removed android=1 option. Pass target=android instead if you want to compile
commandline programs. Continue to use android-source=1 for android .apk builds
(that is, there are no changes to the Android .apk build process).

With FB 1.03+, just use `fbc -print fblibdir` to find the FB libraries instead
of searching for them. Kept the old code around for now for older FB.

Extended get_command_output() to accept args as a list, and 'shell' arg.
It could probably just be replaced with subprocess.check_output().

Move get_fb_version() to ohrbuild.py because it needs to happen early in the
scons script (reduce clutter) and might be reusable.
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