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> scons: Cross-compiling to Windows now works!
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> U   wip/SConscript
> U   wip/whatsnew.txt

Turns out that setting up a cross compiler to Windows is amazingly easy
thanks to mxe; I've put instructions for setting it up at
In future if I want to compile a custom sdl_mixer.dll build or try out 64
bit windows builds, I'll definitely use mxe for that.

>From now on I'm definitely going to cross-compile from linux to windows,
because it's 10x faster than compiling in my Win XP VM, which actually gets
slower if I give it more than one core to run on! I could make scons run
all the tests under wine when cross-compiling, then I wouldn't need the VM
when not working on gfx_directx.dll ;)
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