2018-02-04 09:50:57 -0800 (Sun, 04 Feb 2018)
Upgrade .pt# lumps to .rgfx (only in Custom). Added new sprTypeEnemy type.

For now, I'm not deleting the old .pt# lumps, but that should happen.
.pt# lumps are still loaded instead of .rgfx

Unlike other RELOAD lumps, record counts are correctly upgraded, although
record counts will be read from the old lump if the game hasn't been upgraded
to .rgfx. This required quite a bit of code...

Frames loaded from .pt# lumps now have the default frameids set, which is needed
for correct upgrade and will be needed by the default animations.
U   wip/allmodex.bas
U   wip/common.bi
U   wip/common.rbas
U   wip/const.bi
U   wip/custom.bas
U   wip/drawing.bas
U   wip/loading.bi
U   wip/loading.rbas
U   wip/slices.bas
U   wip/udts.bi
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