2018-02-04 09:51:52 -0800 (Sun, 04 Feb 2018)
New spriteset browser is close to feature parity with old spriteset browser

Added ability to add new spritesets, to copy/paste spritesets or frames, and
to change default palettes.

There's no fullset mode. It really only had two purposes: to copy/paste whole
spritesets, which I've implemented more naturally, and import/export whole
spritesets, which I'll also implement directly.

Ability to type in a spriteset ID is also missing (I'm having trouble getting it
working), and to cropafter spritesets.
However, you can delete a single frame (but it's commented out, as it's not
useful yet)
U   wip/allmodex.bas
U   wip/allmodex.bi
U   wip/custom_udts.bi
U   wip/data/spriteset_browser.slice
U   wip/drawing.bas
U   wip/loading.bi
U   wip/loading.rbas
U   wip/sliceedit.bas
U   wip/slices.bas
U   wip/slices.bi
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