Wow, we're really here! Remarkable!

Been doing some testing...

Unfortunately if there are multiple overlapping enemies it can be hard or
impossible to target all of them with the mouse. I can't think of any
practical solution to this; I guess games just need to be designed around
mouse controls, and existing games may need modification.
Another concern is showing an X when hovering over untargetable enemies
that are totally invisible (for fake scripting purposes). Showing the Xs is
a nice feature, but could sometimes look bad. Another example being pieces
of a large boss sprite composed from multiple enemies. Maybe we should add
an enemy bitset to stop it from showing.

Any ideas for a way to pause battle? Maybe double-right-clicking?

I thnk that maybe would be good to allowing just clicking on a target
directly without having to select an option from the battle menu, and have
it just use the selected attack. (That is, if the hero battle menu is
selected and you click anywhere off the menu, select the current battle
menu option, or the last attack that was cancelled, and then process the
mouse click.) For two reasons: it's a bit annoying to have to click the
basic Attack option (which is the initial selection), and because it's easy
to accidentally cancel an attack. At least, I seem to be constantly
cancelling, for example when trying to toggle optional-spread but not
dragging far enough.

Right-dragging the mouse in the in-battle Items menu causes the menu to
scroll by 3 rows for every one row that you drag the mouse. Also, it's
somehow possible to cause the hero to run away while you're in the Items
menu and right-dragging. This happened to be about four times, but I can't
figure out how to reproduce this now.

I notice an inconsistency: In the OOB Items menu you can right-click an
item to select it (eg to see the description). (Save/load also let you
right-click to select) But in the in-battle Items menu (and all other
menus), right clicking just closes.
Also, I notice a bug in the OOB Items screen (one I've noticed and
mentioned before, but with keyboard controls, and it was much harder
reproduce it): selecting an item and then dropping it, with the mouse,
rather often (50% of the time) causes either that item slot or another one
immediately adjacent to it, to appear selected, although it isn't. In other
words, the set_plank_state state of a plank gets incorrectly set. IIRC,
with keyboard controls I saw this happen when swapping two item slots.

Relatedly: in the Items and Spells menus, both in and out of battle, it
turns out that it's kind of annoying that double-clicking to select an item
only works if it's not already selected, because if it is then the first
click selects and the second uses or deselects is (This is an oversight in
the control scheme I suggested) In the in-battle menus it's a problem
because the first click of the double-click will use a selected
item/attack, and the second click happens once the menu has been closed,
resulting in an unintended click on a target or off a target (cancelling).

Also, I found a bug in the load screen: if (when it comes up when you load
an .rpg file) you click EXIT and then immediately move the mouse, so that
by the time the screen fades out the mouse is no longer over the EXIT
button, then instead of quitting, a new game is loaded! musingly I
consistently moved the mouse like this every time, and couldn't understand
how it could be completely broken.

On 11 April 2018 at 10:33, James Paige <> wrote:

> This feels pretty nice so far, but some more testing will be needed to see
> what improvements might be needed.
> On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 3:30 PM, <> wrote:
>> james
>> 2018-04-10 15:30:46 -0700 (Tue, 10 Apr 2018)
>> 355
>> Add mouse support to targetting attacks in battles.
>> Click once to change target.
>> Click on an already-selected target to confirm the attack.
>> Right-click to cancel targetting
>> Click outside of any target to cancel targetting
>> Clicking on an invalid target plays the cancel noise and does nothing
>> A short left-drag (anywhere) toggles optional spread targetting
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