2018-07-11 10:18:41 -0700 (Wed, 11 Jul 2018)
You can now customise fadeout colors, as UI colors

At least 4 different colors were required, so I split them up pretty 
AFAIK these were the last colors that were not customisable!

I did make one change: dying in battle now uses the Death (red) fadeout color;
previously it would fade first to black then to red (unless there was a death
script). This makes the Death fadeout color setting more useful.

Of course, I still in future want settings to customise transitions to use
effects other than fading, eg calling a script. In that case, these UI colors
might no longer be used (except as slice colors). At that point, we
could rename these options to "Default inn fadeout color", etc, to make it
clearer that they can be overridden by a setting elsewhere.
U   wip/bmod.rbas
U   wip/common.bi
U   wip/common.rbas
U   wip/game.bas
U   wip/loading.rbas
U   wip/moresubs.rbas
U   wip/ohrhelp/ui_color_editor.txt
U   wip/savegame.rbas
U   wip/scriptcommands.bas
U   wip/uiconst.bi
U   wip/whatsnew.txt
U   wip/yetmore2.bas
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