All that rsyncing sounds painful, I guess if any changes are made to the
files on the server then you have to do an extra rsync step to get them
first. But there's no problem with merging changes that wouldn't exist
anyway. But OK, minimal changes.

BTW, it is possible to reduce git memory usage:
One reply states that in the last year a number of improvements to git have
been made to reduce memory usage.
However if git does run out of memory I can imagine it corrupting the git
Using sshfs to run git remotely (on your own machine) could also be a
possibility. If the .git directory was on the server that would probably be
slow, but if you kept .git on your local machine it could be as fast as an
rsync. But automating rsync is probably simpler...

On Thu, 12 Sep 2019 at 02:10, James Paige <> wrote:

> You are welcome to install skins if you like, but I would caution against
> too much customization right now.
> I feel like our wiki install is currently rather fragile. This is because
> I installed with git, but git's memory hungriness combined with dreamhosts
> memory stingyness means that it is no longer possible to update the
> mediawiki installation in-place.
> My workaround is to rsync the whole thing to my local machine, git update,
> rsync it back do dreamhosts, and then run the mediawiki database upgrade
> script there.
> (And unfortunately I have not automated that yet)
> On Wed, Sep 11, 2019, 9:38 AM Ralph Versteegen <> wrote:
>> The wiki still has only one skin installed, Monobook, which hasn't been
>> the default MediaWiki skin since 2010! It turns out that although the
>> MediaWiki tarball includes multiple skins, "if you have downloaded
>> MediaWiki from Git or from a nightly version, or if you want to install
>> additional skins, you will need to separately download the code for that
>> skin or skins."
>> The default is Vector, and it does look a bit better. Could we get Vector
>> installed and made the default? There are a lot of other interesting skins
>> available too. Installing a skin seems pretty simple, could I install and
>> try out others?
>> I'm interested in retheming the wiki for a more unique look, maybe a
>> darker background is feasible without clashing too much with colours on
>> existing pages.
>> Also could this setting be turned on so users can customise the CSS they
>> see? That will make it easier to experiment and for people to contribute
>> suggested changes:
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