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This adds new option to Caiman. When welcome screen is present, you can press [F5] and try installing OS to existing pool. You'll be asked what pool to use, what BE to use (it will be created in existing pool from scratch) and overwrite pool's boot configuration or not (if not, you'll have to create it manually, useful, for example, when you want to try installing on linux ZFS pool with GRUB :) ).

So far I've tested the following scenarios:

1) Traditional installation (it seems I haven't broken it)
2) Installation to BE on existing OI installation
If you don't overwrite boot configuration, on first boot loader will not see
new BE, you'll have to activate it from old BE.
3) Installation to clean, just created, pool, I've only added
zpool/ROOT with enabled compression on it (and mountpoint=none). In such way
we'll receive compressed initial BE with already compressed OS image.
4) Installation on default FreeBSD ZFS installation (well, I don't know if it's possible to boot FreeBSD with illumos loader, activating FreeBSD "BE" obviously, doesn't work). You'll have to import zroot manually prior to installation with -fN (installer tries to import it with -N and it fails). You should remember to set mountpoints for zroot/usr, zroot/tmp, zroot/var,
which are created by FreeBSD installation, to none.

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