On 13/11/2017 16:07, Till Wegmüller wrote:
On 13.11.2017 15:59, Carsten Grzemba wrote:

On 13.11.17 15:16, *Bob Friesenhahn * <bfrie...@simple.dallas.tx.us> wrote:
On Mon, 13 Nov 2017, Carsten Grzemba wrote:

This compiles on Openindiana without an error, but if it runs throws
the error: Invalid argument (os error 22)

If I copy this on Openindiana compiled code to Smartos it runs correctly.

Are you using the same filesystem on both systems?  For example, zfs
vs tmp on swap could make a difference.  Or something to do with
filesystem paths.
Thats the clue:
it fails on NFS, but works on ZFS and TMPFS

Doesn't NFS require a special lock daemon to be setup between server and
client? AFAIk NFS locking is quite limted when i last tried it years ago.

See Jerry's explanation in an older thread regarding Robert's 3252
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