I've been working for a while on removing dependencies on some obsolete libraries from nwam-manager - exactly, libunique, libgnome-ui and libglade2.

Libunique was used to avoid having multiple instances of nwam-manager and nwam-manager-properties and can be replaced by GApplication interfaces. libgnome and Libgnome-ui were used a) to show gnome-help (I've replaced it by direct call to yelp) and b) to make session manager automatically restart application nwam-manager on crash/exit. I've tried to use libSM directly or to use libegg - so far, without succes, application returns no errors, but is not restarted if killed. So far I'm tended to drop this functionality. The most mysterious thing is libglade - it's mostly removed, but some custom glade2 handler was used to show some GtkTreeViews. After looking at it for a while I've seen that they seem to be already directly replaced by NwamTreeView. So, I've just removed this code, and saw no difference in behavior.

But given the nature of the changes, I'd like to see more testers.

I've published pkg://userland/desktop/administration/nwam-manager@1.151.0,5.11-2017.0.0.541:20171207T115506Z to http://buildzone.oi-build.r61.net:1000/.

Please, test it.

Please, review changes:

Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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