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> On 12 Feb 2018, at 11:40, Alexander Pyhalov <> wrote:
> Hello.
> We've just finished (or almost finished) with GCC-6 migration.
> What does it mean?
> 1) GCC 6 is the default oi-userland compiler now. GCC 4.9 is used only to 
> compile gcc-49 and illumos-gcc. Illumos-gcc 4.4.4 is still used to build 
> illumos-gate and gfx-drm.
> (So you have no excuse for submitting components, which don't build with GCC 
> 6).
> 2) As GCC 6 runtime libraries live in /usr/gcc/6/lib and 
> /usr/gcc/6/lib/$(MACH64), we  have runpath embedded in a lot of libraries. 
> illumos-gate check_rtime doesn't like this, so build will fail if you have -r 
> flag in NIGHTLY_OPTIONS. So far, just remove it, we'll try to find 
> appropriate fix with illumos-gate developers a bit later.
> 3) We've merged code from 
> . This drastically 
> decreases time, spent by oi-userland in pkgdepend resolve phase. But this 
> also means, that if pkgdepend finds some dependency for the component, it 
> should be present in REQUIRED_PACKAGES (otherwise, resolve will fail). Note, 
> that on build server the whole world is installed. Be sure to disable unused 
> options or to test component with all possible dependencies from oi-userland 
> (and add them to REQUIRED_PACKAGES).
> Due to this change we populated REQUIRED_PACKAGES for many components and in 
> theory could shrink build-essential to 'strictly required' components ('gmake 
> env-prep' is your friend).
> 4) There were some updates, not directly related to gcc-6:
> - IIIM was finally removed (while I rebuilt everything, found that it's 
> broken and had no motivation to fix it), use ibus or xkbd.
> - OpenJDK 8 was updated to 1.8.152.
> 5) Known issues:
> - we found some issues with tmux, it seems it now can't properly handle 
> ctrl^c (likely related to the fact that now compiler links it to 
> /usr/lib/values-xpg6.o, and libraries suddenly become XPG6-aware).
> - as due to gcc-6 migration oi-userland was completely rebuilt,
> our /hipster repository significantly grew in size, we are likely going to 
> clean it up from old packages this week.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Alexander Pyhalov,
> system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department
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