Today large IPS update was merged. It delivered numerous upstream fixes and one 
big change.

IPS doesn't longer deliver Python 2.7 packages.

What does it mean for user? Possibly, not much, perhaps, just some 
UnicodeDecodeError issues ;)

One issue I've seen is that if you update pkg in GZ can be not able to update 
child images, so you'll have to update pkg in zones first.

What does it mean for developer?
1) You can't longer build Python 2.7 illumos-gate tools, so don't forget to add 
export BUILDPY2TOOLS="#"
to your illumos.sh

2) Older oi-userland tools will fail, please ensure your oi-userland has the 
following commit - 

3) onbld tools SHOULD use Python 3.5 to work correctly (update to the latest 

Best regards, 
Alexander Pyhalov, 
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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