Also agree on #2.

On 09/21/2016 11:50 PM, Jep Hill wrote:
I second the vote for #2

On Sep 21, 2016, at 9:59 AM, Deke Kincaid < <>> wrote:

I like #2.

On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 9:36 AM, Larry Gritz < <>> wrote:

    So in following the spirit of OIIO's core mission to allow a
    single generic API to shield users from the gory details of each
    individual format (as much as possible), I feel strongly that
    --quality should not magically change directions and scales for
    one format. If --quality 100 is "looks perfect" and lower numbers
    mean "smaller files, bigger artifacts" for every other format, it
    shouldn't be that for exr, 45 is perfect and larger numbers mean
    smaller files. Also, it leads to confusing errors if you set the
    "CompressionQuality" in an image metadata and then try to output
    it to multiple files of different file formats.

    That's why quality is basically ignored for dwaa and instead you
    can set the "openexr:dwaCompressionQuality" attribute -- it's
    possible to set it, and the name communicates clearly that you
    are making a peculiar format-specific adjustment (that will be
    ignored by other format writers, if the same output is sent to a
    different file).

    OK, but I do see that this is awkward and verbose. So I'll
    propose two alternatives, and am happy to go with whichever
    people want:

    1. As Kevin points out, we can use something akin to Karl's
    mapping (I'll find a cubic curve that maps these smoothly?) of
    quality's 0-100 scale into settings for DWA compression quality.
    I don't know if that will give you a "smooth" response either
    visually or in terms of file size. If somebody wants to do a
    little research and try to map out a more perceptually or
    size-wise linear response, please volunteer.

    2. Another approach is to skip --quality, and just allow the
    compression setting to be built into the compression name!  How
    does this look: --compression dwaa:45 or --compression dwaa:200.
    The idea is that anything starting with "dwaa" would turn on dwaa
    compression, and any optional trailing numbers would set the


    On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 8:15 AM, Deke Kincaid
    < <>> wrote:

        If the constraint of —quality is that it is always 0-100,
        then that is going to be hard to map and would lead to
        confusion(i.e. All other applications would use a different
        slider then oiio). Is it possible to make the quality slider
        more contextual to the compression rather then normalizing it
        to always be 0-100?

        On Tue, Sep 20, 2016 at 11:49 PM, Larry Gritz
        <> wrote:

            maketx doesn't have a --quality command at all, primarily
            because we'd traditionally been using either lossless
            TIFF or OpenEXR for textures, and for neither of those
            did quality come into play.

            But recently we added support for TIFF-with-jpeg, and
            OpenEXR with DWAA compression has since come along and
            looks useful, so if you think that a --quality flag for
            maketx is helpful, we can add it.

            The real problem is that quality is assumed to be 0-100,
            with 100 meaning lossless. It works well for JPEG, which
            is the prototypical example. But I wasn't sure how to
            make it map to the dwa compression level without being
            confusing (dwa compression is an open ended scale, and
            higher numbers mean more compression).

            I'm perfectly happy to entertain requests to change it,
            if there's consensus. For example, if somebody wants to
            propose an intuitive and helpful mapping of the 0-100
            scale of Quality into the appropriate
            dwaCompressionLevel, I think that might be useful.

            As you've seen, you can set the compression levels for
            dwaa and dwab by setting the
            "openexr:dwaCompressionLevel" attribute. It's not hooked
            up to the "--quality" only because, ad just mentioned, it
            wasn't obvious how that mapping should work.

            > On Sep 20, 2016, at 3:11 PM, Deke Kincaid
            <> wrote:
            > Hi Larry
            > We are trying to compress EXR files in OIIO with
            dwaa/dwab compression but currently this does not seem to
            directly hooked up to the --quality flag in oiiotool.  No
            matter if you use --quality 10 or 100, the attr
            dwaCompressionLevel key never gets set and the file is
            exactly the same size.
            > We found that we need to directly set the attr via:
            > oiiotool blah.exr --ch R,G,B --croptofull --compression
            dwaa --attrib dwaCompressionLevel 100.0 -o blah_dwa.exr
            > Any chance we could get this attr hooked up to the
            quality slider?  Also it appears that maketx does not
            have a --quality flag either (I haven't checked iconvert).
            > -deke
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