On Mon, Oct 3, 2016 at 1:01 PM, Larry Gritz <l...@larrygritz.com> wrote:

> OK, but I don't want to do needless initialization in an inner texture
> loop, on platforms where it's not necessary.
> Do you know an #if test that I can enclose those lines in, so that they
> only are used on those platforms where it initially failed? It seems the 64
> bit platforms had no trouble figuring out that those were initialized, I'm
> not sure why.

I haven't gotten any recommendations for a fix but the cause appears to be
that optimizers are arch specific so they can in some circumstances handle
things differently which is why I only see this on i686.

Most of the time this is only a warning, I'm not sure what in the code is
causing the hard error.

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