On 07/02/2018 12:51, Richard Shaw wrote:
> I'm not currently able to build[1] 1.8.8 on Fedora Rawhide with Boost
> 1.66.0 but I'm not 100% sure boost is the problem.
> Non-fatal Error during cmake configuration:
> Make Warning at /usr/share/cmake/Modules/FindBoost.cmake:801 (message):
>   New Boost version may have incorrect or missing dependencies and imported
>   targets

If you look at the history for FindBoost.cmake, it was updated to
recognise 1.66 on 10/1 - so it should be in 3.10.2. Though I don't think
those messages will relate to the build break.


On FreeBSD 10/11 I have built oiio 1.8.8 against boost 1.66 using clang.

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