Hi all,

New around here, even thou I worked with oiio occasionally over the last
years, but I'am kinda stuck.
Someone asked almost the same question a while ago (
) and the bottom line was

> You can't "get an ImageBuf from an ImageInput", but you shouldn't need to

So it means I am probably doing something wrong:

I am generating jpeg previews from hundreds of textures (exr, tx ...) and
this is painfully slow (the process is bound by network, as reading a 200mb
texture from the server is 10 times slower than doing the resizing.

Since most of these textures have already been mipmapped, I would like to
only load the 512*512 mipmap level and write it back. But from what I
understood only ImageInput allows you choose what to load.
If I read all pixels from the ImageInput then "manually" create an ImageBuf
from it (requiring an extra numpy convert of the data) it works but feel  a
bit convoluted.

Is there a better way to do this ?



Alexis Prayez


41 rue de l'Echiquier - 75010 PARIS 

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