On Monday, August 7, 2017 at 9:26:52 AM UTC-12, King wrote:
> Direct sender available to work with receiver who can follow the procedure 
> below:
> Here's the process;
> 1. Sender will provide sample swift copy that was recently closed.
> 2. *Receiver will use the details available on the swift copy to track 
> the sample swift copy through their receiving bank*.
> 3. *If their banker is able to track the swift, receiver will request for 
> a screen shot of the transaction page on their system*.
> 4. *Receiver will then send a copy of the screenshot taken, and it will 
> be confirmed by sender if it matches the transaction*.
> 5. If it does match, Sender will conclude terms and get into action with 
> Receiver.
> 6. Within 48 hrs to 72 hrs, Sender will issue a fresh swift on behalf of 
> the Receiver ranging between 5m - 10m as test tranche.
> 7. Upon successful closure and payment as per agreement, Sender will 
> deliver 50m - 100m+
> Ratio: 60/40 - Sender/Receiver respectively.
> Full KYC available upon confirmation of screenshot.
> DOA will be signed upon confirmation of screenshot.
> Possible Negotiations after confirmation of screenshot.

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