Yes, relax. It's only a very simple procedure, provide your LOA and let's 
start a test for 50k. Stop talking and start getting things done. If 
machine is non-existent nothing will happen and you will find out soon 
enough. Be logical & sensible. Of course, it will only happen if the sender 
does exist likewise... So, no need for the "We need this & that" shit.

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017 at 8:57:01 PM UTC+8, King wrote:
> Hey relax, but this is a very simple requirement that won't even take a 
> minute for a receiver to provide. I'm not the direct sender, if I was I 
> would send you the information necessary to get the job done, I mean it 
> won't cost more money except the data charge to send it if you know what 
> I'm talking about. It's only a picture with the note beside it, not a 
> video. I mean you take pictures of yourself every now and then so I don't 
> see the big deal in this, except of course the machine is non-existent. 
> What I'm saying is for you to relax!

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