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On Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 3:23:40 PM UTC, Jason Z wrote:
> Hello all, 
> I have several clients with funds in UK banks wanting to move funds into 
> various jurisdictions. The money is clean, Interpol and Reserve bank 
> cleared, because of the volume and clients, we are not prepared to follow 
> only traditional investment routes. 
> Now we have gone through this exercise many times before and will have 
> created a procedure that works for everyone. Too many times, receivers say 
> they can receive on the specific accounts and then can't. We are prepared 
> to sign a contract with the right partners. Having Asset Management 
> Companies will be even more advantageous. 
> Splits are non negotiable as funds are cleared. 
> Sender 65%, Receiver 25%, Sender Intermediary 5% (closed) and Receiver 
> Intermediaries 5%. 
> The simple procedure is as follows: 
> 1. The Receiver must get a letter from the bank/s in the name of the 
> receiving account saying that the account has Swift.net MT103 manual 
> download capabilities. It is an official bank letter which is verified by 
> clients bank officer in London. 
> 2. A full NDA is signed by all parties as well as a paymaster agreement. 
> All passport copies and KYC documents of intermediaries are given. 
> 3. The Clients legal team in London will then issue the contracts for each 
> account and bank, this will include first tranche, contract duration and 
> frequency. Banks will at this point be liaising. 
> We are looking for receiving companies that can receive large funds. 
> Should you require more information please feel free to Whatsapp me on +27 
> 79 503 9496. 
> Kind regards, 
> Jason Z 

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