Le vendredi 5 mai 2017 19:30:05 UTC+1, a écrit :
> Good afternoon!
> I can offer you a receiver in Malaysia
> If this suits you, you can write to me by email: 
> <javascript:>
> пятница, 5 мая 2017 г., 17:48:53 UTC+3 пользователь 
> написал:
>> So Hong Kong is complete out of the question to you, right ?
>> sexta-feira, 5 de Maio de 2017 às 14:06:57 UTC+1, Billy Madison escreveu:
>>> Need a receiver for DTC and an S2S €250m/€100m with more in perpetuity.
>>> (Must be able to receive outside of China/hong kong if available in 
>>> Asia) US/Australia are good. 
>>> With REASONABLE rates please.

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