On Friday, May 26, 2017 at 8:16:36 AM UTC-7, financialin...@gmail.com wrote:
> I am sender with real cards, real person, real passport and i can do any 
> amount of money, I am based in UK, I would like to start small to show 
> trust and performance. There will never be a law back with my card and you 
> can even call bank for authorisation.
> I can do Online & Offline, however i prefer do Offline as they are then 
> large amounts I can do upto 200 Million per day and i have 20B In total 
> that i need to do.
> In order to proceed, naturally i would need you to show me the machine you 
> have. You can use Wickr app which is self destructing so i can not forward 
> or copy your video of the machine. And i would need to see a proof 
> transaction of £1 or $1 (this is the only way i work due to being let down 
> so many times and flying all the way around the world for nothing.
> I would also need to know what is your transaction limit and your daily 
> limit, you would also need to have a strong bank account to accommodate the 
> large transactions .
> We would then do a contract, and i would fly to do this business Face to 
> face.
> If you wish to contact me on whats app please do so +44 7448 276 288
> Gary

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