Ok, this is what I have to offer: All of these are receiving accounts and 
please make sure that you understand what I have before replying. 1) 
Payoneer personal account. It is my account. I can receive funds via credit 
card up to 10K from American company accounts ONLY. Repayment in 48 hours 
after funds clear the account. 2) Payoneer company account. This is also my 
own account but the amount goes up to 100K but there are a few other 
changes. USD must be from an American company, Sepa transfers must be done 
in Euros and can even do GBP if you have a company account that can do FPS 
transfers. 3) CapitalOne investment account. This is also my account. 
Transfers MUST be done by wire and come from an American bank account. 
There is no reasonable limit ( yes can do several million dollars ) and 
return of funds within 48 hours. None of these accounts come with online 
access but am willing to do screenshots or videos. Feel free to ask 
questions, larg...@post.com, to reply. Also, please do NOT send me requests 
for BG/SBLC, I dont want one and dont need one.

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