We have Buyer for IRAQI DINARS Sealed metal boxes in Zurich, Hong Kong and 
USA. Seller provides the complete KYC package including POL in order to 
start the process.

Buyer will issue the MOU to Seller, Seller signs the MOU and send it back 
to the buyer. Buyer will provide the contract to Seller after receiving the 
signed MOU, Seller signs the contract and return to buyer along with SKR on 
Buyer's name and POA on Buyer's name for transactional purpose only. ( 
Seller will NOT hand over the NIQD boxes until funds are not confirmed in 
his account)

 Buyer arrange the authenticator to verify the NIQD boxes and provides the 
POF at that time to seller, explain the project as well and set the date 
and time for closing. All the funds paid by this buyer will be TAX FREE for 
seller. Buyer will open special Tax Free account for seller with seller's 
choice of bank. 

PRICE: $200 Million Per sealed metal box Gross

COMMISSION:  2% Tax Free,  .5% open
PROFIT SHARING :  18% Taxable, 4.5% open 

NOTE: 2% Consulting Fee is Tax Free, 18% Profit Sharing is Taxable, 
Consultants MUST provide the valid Passport and Driver License in order to 
receive the Funds ( NO EXCEPTION )

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by email on 


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