On Thursday, June 8, 2017 at 7:02:03 AM UTC-8, kore...@gmail.com wrote:
> We are professionals dealing in S2S, MT103/202 Swift or Cash transfer ETC
> We have Network of Receiver account for S2S, MT103/202 transfer in the 
> following bank
> *OCBC Bank Singapore*
> *Barclays Bank London UK*
> *HSBC Hong Kong*
> *Emirate NDB Dubai*
> *Chase Bank USA*
> *Barclays Bank Zurich, Swizerland*
> *KASIKORN Bank Thailand*
> *ABN AMRO Rotherdam*
> *China Construction Bank Hong Kong*
> *Citi Bank USA*
> *Standard Chartered Bank London UK*
> *Deutsche Bank Berlin Germany*
> *HSBC Berlin Germany*
> *ICIC, Dubia*
> *ICIC, Bahrain*
> *Barclays Bank, Singapore*
> *Deutsch Bank Zurich, Swizerland*
> *Citi Bank London UK *
> *TD Bank Canada*
> *Llyod Bank UK*
> *HSBC Berlin Germany*
> *Standard Chartered Bank Dubai*
> We deal with full diligence, Send Agreement or business proposal. Let us 
> know your sharing Ratio so we can proceed in business
> Thanks

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