Thank you for confirming your physical offline procédure!


Le dimanche 18 février 2018 18:23:21 UTC+1, Dan Garfinkel a écrit :
> This is BANK Level OFFLINE POS and there is really no cap when you have 
> direct bank level POS access 
> Sender will be set up REMOTLY to punch their OWN Offline POS transactions. 
> Sender will be ….signing direct with the bank..... for POS terminal set. 
> Offline POS rate 15%-20% plus Sender and Receiver Agent Commissions ...15% 
> -20% will depend on monthly commitment level. 
> Sender will have full online bank access to move their fund out of the POS 
> receiving bank account ten times a day if the want to. 
> If the sender agrees tomorrow per sec to go forward they will be live with 
> their POS the next day or worst case 2nd day. 
> All the sender has to do is SWIFT or sent a  MT 103 for a minimum of $5M 
> as a opening bank account balance and this  will be directly deposited in a 
> the senders bank account that is 100% controlled by the sender and they 
> will have their own POS terminal set up in 24 hrs ....Opening deposit is 
> NOT a set up fee. 
> Sender have full access to the $5M and can wire 100% of the $5M back out 
> as soon as they send their first POS test transaction and that can be for a 
> little as $100K. 
> Bank officer call will be set up before the opening deposit is asked to be 
> sent. 
> No need for the sender to travel to the bank to set up their account 
> ...BUT the opening  account balance has to sent by SWIFT or MT 103 it can 
> not be taken from the first POS transaction. 
> Before you ping  me please make 100% sure you FULLY understand the 
> procedure that is stated above that has to be followed to activate the POS 
> Terminal. 
> I am direct.  My friend works for the account sponsor....the account 
>  sponsor is the US diplomate that can sponsor the UN humanitarian account 
> for the sender under his diplomtic passport and the bank is end provider 
> ...... 
> Email: <javascript:> 
> The call with the end sender is always with the US diplomate and then when 
> he says yes to setting up the account for the sender the bank steps in and 
> sender starts dealing direct with the bank and all docs are signed direct 
> with the bank.

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