On Saturday, 4 November 2017 00:14:46 UTC+8, Susan Philip wrote:
> Greetings
> We are currently  buying BOLIVAR  to any volume and can pay with
> USD from outside Venezuela. We are the end buying company and not a
> broker or mandates.
> If you have any reliable Seller of BOLIVAR we are willing to buy
> immediately and our Buying rate today is  110 VEF+10 commision for 1 USD
> and we can do much more better on exchange rate depending on the
> amount of BOLIVAR the seller is willing to offer to sell to us.
> We are willing to buy and pay to the Seller  from our Banks  in Europe
> or the USA outside Venezuela.
> I have attach our Draft Contract and any interested VEF Seller must
> fill up  but not signed and send me a copy to send to our office in
> Caracas whereby our office shall fill up, sign and return back to the
> Seller for final
> signing to enable us close the transaction in less than  48 Hrs from
> the time the Seller sign and return the copy back to me here.
> If you have a seller and willing to proceed kindly reply here with the
> Draft Contract filled up and not signed, after filling then we will
> take things up from there for the VEF to USD Exchange.
> As soon as the attached Draft is filled by the interested sellers then
> our CEO here in the USA will countersign and do the paying of the USD
> via our BOA or Wells Fargo Bank Account here in the USA or HSBC London
> to the sellers
> nominated Bank Account anywhere in the world..
> We take only  Sellers willing to fill out our Draft Contract attached
> and do a test tranche of 2.5B to  5 Billion VEF as a test tranche
> Transaction via Online Bank Transfer deposit to our BOD BANCO or
> BANESCO BANK Account after confirmation of our POF of USD by the Final
> Seller first to show us that such Seller is a serious seller because a
> lot of sellers have wasted our time in the past claiming they have VEF
> in
> Venezuela and were only soliciting on behalf of other brokers, we can also
> work with the VEF sellers Draft Contract  if his procedure tally with
> ours as we explain
> on our Draft Attached.
> Kind Regards.

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