Looking for Offline Terminal Pos with Offline card 6 digit code* 
- Loader can load the offline card with small trial first to build trust 
example 10k usd 
- Loader can loading the card for 50m above for every transaction 
- *Ratios 45% to terminal & their card* 

*For card requirements (No China & Russians nationality)* : 

- Loader needs Passport, Front & back of visa debit card 

*For Offline Pos requirements* : 

How to prove you have offline POS terminal? 

If you really have offline pos terminal, please kindly make a fresh video 
to record the WHOLE COURSE of swipe slip, your offline pos terminal with a 
paper written the date and name “KHAN”. IF NO HAVE THIS VIDEO, I wouldn’t 
send visa debit card holder to your place, I also wouldn’t load your visa 
debit card. 

Note : 

*After I load the offline money into visa debit card, the offline money 
cannot shows balance on ATM machine and bank account, and also can not 
withdraw money from them. For push out offline money, the unique solution 
is which swipe the visa debit card on offline pos terminal*. 

*Many POS terminals have “offline” or “offline sale” on their screen and 
slips, but they are not real offline POS terminal, actually they are swipe 
with online and settlement with offline, so they are unavailable to my 
offline card. I have met hundreds of those pos terminals in different 
countries, so that’s why I have to see the whole course of swipe slip*. 

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