This is what I all have:
Goldman Sachs investment account, my account. Can accept wires and SWIFTS only. 
No minimum and 1M max,
TD, same as above,
Chase, associates account. Same as above.
Zelle, Western Union, MoneyGram and World Remit, all mine. No minimum and 
maximum depends on where you are.
Now here are the requirements:
- Absolutely no online access will be given. If you want some sort of proof I'm 
doing what I say, we can discuss. 
- I live in the States ( as in the USA ), therefore I can't meet unless you 
come over. 
- 10% for me. 
- Funds will be returned asap, depending on what account, what amount, and what 
you want done with the funds.
Email for more info,
P.S. I do NOT do anything else but Swift's and wires so for the love of God, 
don't send requests for online/offline b.s.
Also not interested in buying or leasing BG's, LC's, etc.

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