Bank & "Fintech"(Bank Technology) Company For Sale

United States - $6 Million

First company: Bank Technology company. 

We are one of few companies in the world authorized to issue debit and credit 
cards, using our own, unique sequence of card numbers and banking protocol 
(competitors: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover) 

Major company asset: we own a participation in the acquisition and operation of 
a major Fortune 500 bank subsidiary that earns cash-flow of about US$20million 
daily. This company will license our technology 

Our Unique service: our customers obtain their own debit and pre-paid cards 
from our Banking Centers, or, proprietary, portable immediate-Issue Card 
Printers. No bank account or credit check required for our cards. 

Customer services: in-person and online direct deposit using cash, cards and 
payroll checks, card reload, check-cashing, money remittance locally and 
internationally, bill payment, among other services 

Other products in development : we own patents to facilitate funds transfer and 
escrow accounts in e-gambling, gaming, online casinos 

Unique tax advantages : We pay no taxes on revenues earned, because we are 
incorporated and based in a major tax-haven 

Price : $6 Million

Sister company: Commercial Bank 

100 year-old, US chartered commercial bank, to receive customer deposits, issue 
certificates of deposit, open savings and checking accounts, issue credit 
cards, make loans, offer lines-of-credit, issue letters of credit etc. 

Sales Between $111,908 and $559,542
Asking Price $6 Million
Profits Between $111,908 and $559

Management will stay? Yes
Relocatable? Yes
Real Estate? No


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